Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ted Leo

So. Plus Perfect were naturally elated to have been offered a spot to play with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on September 6th@ the Rickshaw. Sealed with a Kiss hooked us up, alongside the exceptional rock trio Dead Voices, and we couldn't have been happier.

(In case you didn't know, Plus Perfect was deeply inspired by Ted Leo's hybrid punk/roots/folk stylings, and while we've changed our sound considerably since our inception, it was incredible to play with someone who's had such a profound impact on your band's musical direction!)

Anyway, much to our worry, the Ted Leo show was canceled, and our opportunity to play with the God-Uncle of modern melodic punk was potentially thwarted. What to do?

Well, with the help of Mike, Alanna, Alli, Jessica, the Media Club, Dead Voices and Plus Perfect, we managed to provide backline, a venue, posters, contracts, and even beer and rye to pull off an enormously successful show. Of course, the Ted munster himself did us all a huge favor by being totally appreciative, charming and open about the situation (not to mention generous and talented bla bla bla). And alongside the packed club, great music and positive vibes pouring out of every inch of sweaty skin, GENUINE friendships were made.

A truly affirming experience for the punkrock heart. Love to all involved.


What an affirming experience for

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